Welcome to Ephemeris

Enter the ever-shifting realm of profound literature and artistic revelations created by this enigmatic entity called Kenji. Be prepared to be perplexed by the tapestry of his words, straight from his neurotic brain, as he weaves narratives of love and despair.


Ephemeris started as a platform to help me improve my skill in writing but eventually became an archive of my profound thoughts. 


On Lust, Sloth and Gluttony

I’m a walking billboard of lust, sloth, and gluttony. You are familiar with the Seven Deadly Sins, right? You know, the 7 capital vices that St. Thomas Aquinas coined to consolidate a long list of human vices into a shortlist of seven items. He even made a complementary 7 Heavenly Virtues to match the sins.… Read more On Lust, Sloth and Gluttony

500 Days of Autumn

Here is an interesting story. My heart was broken by two people who share the same birth date in the same year. What a coincidence, right? One in the summer and the other in the colder months. They even share some similar characteristics but not personalities and they are both addicted to the same game. I was… Read more 500 Days of Autumn

The Sonderism Manifesto

A complex life is a fucking life. – ARISTOTLE To make simple things complicated, you need to simply complicate your mind. You need to always think about what others think about you. You need to ruminate about your future. More complex, much better.   We should fill our lives with stuff that we don’t need. We… Read more The Sonderism Manifesto

Third Person

I used to claim that I am an expert at describing myself. That I am capable of explaining every single thought, behavior, quality, and idiosyncrasies of myself. Boy, I was wrong. On job interviews, I am mostly blanked out when the recruiter asks the immortal question that probably most of us dread, the ‘tell me… Read more Third Person


Okay, so this is it. This is the start, the beginning of a new chapter. I decided to do blogging again because I think my skills in writing are getting rusty so I needed an outlet to curb those excess energies and to give these itchy hands a rest. I’ve had a blog before way… Read more Primer